Apple Computer Repair + Support

Those Apple Guys (T.A.G) is an experienced Apple product repair and computer consulting team.
Apple Computer Repair

We're computer nerds so you don't have to be

Whether you are a business looking for part time IT support or an individual looking for support in their home office, or you simply want to punch your mac in it’s proverbial face, we can help. By the way, don’t punch your computer in the face. Give it to us first and we’ll let you know if that makes sense. Most of the time we can fix it and if we can’t, we’ll offer advice on the next best move, which will probably not be 'punch your mac in it's face'.


Our Core Services

We value the business of all of our clients and we look forward to discussing how we may be of assistance to your business or make your life easier through technology.

Business IT Support

We’re a personal IT department tailored to your business at a fraction of the price.

Residential IT Support

Problems at the house? We make house calls. Have some fresh coffee ready!

Personal Tech Support

Personal Apple computer repair and support.